Playwrights and Gardens for 2012!

Hi All!

Welcome to another year of Communal Spaces – a festival of plays written for and performed in community gardens all over New York City.

We’ve chosen ten gardens in two areas of Manhattan – six gardens uptown and four downtown. Each area’s gardens will present their plays over the course of a single weekend, and audience members will have the opportunity to meander from garden play to garden play, getting to know not only the gardens themselves, but the neighborhoods that house them as well. It’ll be sort of like a pub crawl, but with theater!

Northern Manhattan has the first weekend, with all the plays presented each day at different times, from September 21st-23rd. Then Southern Manhattan will have the same the following weekend, September 28th-30th. Come for one play, come for a few, or come for all of them. It’s going to be a great fall!

The North (September 21-23)

Hope Stevens
West 142nd Street btw Hamilton Place and Amsterdam Avenue
Playwright: Alexandra Bassett

Carver Community Garden
East 124th Street btw 2nd and 3rd Avenues
Playwright: Alexis Roblan

Clayton Williams
Frederick Douglas Boulevard at 126th Street
Playwright: Sarah Grodsky

Herb Garden
East 111th Street btw Lexington and 3rd Avenues
Playwright: LuLu LoLo

El Catano
East 110th Street btw Lexington and 3rd Avenues
Playwright: Sam Kahler

Maggie’s Garden
West 149th Street btw Broadway and Amsterdam Avenues
Playwright: Normandy Sherwood

The South (September 28-30)

East 6th Street btw Avenues B and C
Playwright: Patrick Shaw

Albert’s Garden [pending approval]
East 2nd Street btw Bowery and 2nd Avenue
Playwright: Tommy Smith

11th Street Community Garden
East 11th Street btw 1st and A Avenues
Playwright: Dominic Finocchiaro

La Plaza Cultural
East 9th Street and Avenue C
Playwright: Angela Santillo


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