We made our goal!

And we have a whole month of donors to thank. Adding to our June list, thank you SO MUCH to the following people who helped me reach $3,500 in July!

Anonymous (5)
Emily B
Jaki Bradley
Stephanie Brandt
Kevin Bunge
Louiza Collins
Amanda Culp
Sara Durham
Tom Ellis and Ann Moore
Marye Elmlinger and Eric Lamm
Susan Goodman and Bruce Cronstein
Anton Handel
Yvonne Hartung
Eliza Huberth
Betsy Huggins
Teresa Idris
Julia Ingber
Anya Kaplan-Seem
Dylan Key
Chad Latham
David Lawson
Sarah Lunnie
Jocelyn Matsuo
Cara McHugh
Michael Micalizzi
Christine Moore
Caitlin Ryan O’Connell
Eliza Orleans
Sam Plattus
Ben Rosenblatt
Angela Santillo
Jonathan Schlieman
Jacklyn Siegel
Wheaton Simis
Illana Stein
Emma Weinstein

But that’s not all! Because we made our goal, we are allowed to continue to fundraise for the next month! So it’s not too late for you, too, to see your name on this wall of fame. Donate here: http://www.usaprojects.org/project/communal_spaces_a_garden_play_festival


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