Our Supporters

We have been granted another 30 days to up our fundraising! Contrary to what it says on the site, we’ve only raised $5,000 so far (the rest is a loan so we could meet the initial deadline) – and we need at least $7,000 to cover expenses.


As you gear up to make your own donation, check out the list of amazing people who have already given!

The Motor Company would like to thank the following people for their amazing generosity!

Anonymous (6)
Emily Abrons
Deborah Adabachi
Hannah Adams
Greg Allen
Will Arbery
Lindsey Austen
Stephen Bennett
Teddy Bergman
Sarah Billard
Jonathan Bock
Rivka Borek
Amber Bryant
Michael Bryant
Kevin Bunge
Andrea Chambers
Sophia Chapadjiev
Katherine Cik
Aileen Chou
Sabrina Conti
Ross Cowan
Philip Cramer and Joanna Russo
Chelsea Crisafulli
Amanda Culp
Hajera Dehqanzada
Stacy Donovan
Robert Duke
Sara Durham
Lisa Dring
Thomas Ellis and Ann Moore
Marye Elmlinger and Eric Lamm
Lee Sunday Evans
Gabriel Evansohn
Barbara Feinman
Blythe Foster
Luisa Garcia
Zoe Garcia
Philip Gates
Susan Goodman and Bruce Cronstein
Margot Goodwin
Jayne Greenwald
Michael Grew
Sarah Grodsky
Kate Hamilton
Kelly Hammond
Christopher Hardy
Doug Harris
Yvonne Hartung
Ariane Heinz and Alison Keith
Jain Kelly
Ashley Hollingshead
Senji Izumi
Louise Jaffe
Maia Karo
Rachel Karp
Jeffrey King
Zachary King
Zachary Kolodin and Hilary Doe
Sarah Kraemer
Rory Kulz
Jerry Lieblich
Mariah MacCarthy
Theo Maltz
Martin and Gail Marcus
Claytie Mason
Abel McDonnell
Laura McDonnell
Cara McHugh
Sean Mellott
Sarah and Greg Meredith
Tom Meredith
Lydia Miller
Sarah Murat
Anna Moot-Levin
Laura Mordis-Jackson
Kristin Nemecek
Jutta Neumann
Eleanore Nowak
Caitlin O’Connell
Diana Oh
Eugene Oh
Jiehae Park
Judith Parker
Jason Platt
Stella Powell-Jones
William Power
Louisa Proske
Maggie Raymond
Simon Reid
Brian Resler
Stephanie Riddle
Austin Riotte
Nicholas Roesler
Lucinda Rogers
Ariela Rotenberg
Jonathan Schlieman
Maxwell Schneller
Charity Schubert
Michael Schwartz
Leonie Seltzer
Rhonda and Lloyd Siegel
Wheaton Simis
Meredith Sisson
Clayton Dean Smith
Illana Stein
Sarah Stites
Audrey Tempelsman
Vandra Thornburn
Peter Torre
Maria Totten
Leta Tremblay
Harrison Unger
Marya Ursin
Samuel and Marina Vovsi
Megan Weaver
Lauren Weinberg
Hannah Wolf
Diana Wright
Christine Zagrobelny
Shara Ashley Zeiger



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