The Schedule

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Eight short plays in four community gardens in Manhattan and Brooklyn. FREE.

Saturdays and Sundays: Sept. 12 & 13, Sept. 19 & 20, Sept. 26 & 27

Manhattan Valley: La Perla Garden, 76 W. 105th St.

Walk with Me? @ 12:00pm
by Alexander Borinsky, directed by Jesse Jou

My grandma is scratching filthy drawings into the hoods of precious cars, and somehow everything is better.  A little bit of a play, a little bit of a manifesto. Walk with me, and I’ll tell you all about it.

Sonder @ 1:00pm
by Sofya Weitz, directed by Rachel Karp

A play about looking through people who ask for help.  What does it mean to be seen by someone that you try not to see?

Alphabet City: Green Oasis Community Garden, 372 E. 8th St.

Catfight at the Oasis @ 2:30pm
by Sarah Bernstein, directed by Dina Vovsi

Joanne, the long-suffering garden administrator, has called yet another meeting to resolve the intractable stray cat debate. Will the Bird Lobby get felines expelled from the garden, or will Pro-Cat protestors win the day?

Welcome to The Fall @ 3:30pm
by Angela Santillo, directed by Christine Zagrobelny

1973: A smokejumper crash-lands on the property of the world’s first meteor strike survivor. 
Today: Your tour guide is about to lose her mind.

Bed-Stuy: Classon Ful-Gate Community Garden, 474 Classon Ave.

Derek and the Sheep @ 3:00pm
by Nora Sørena Casey, music by Chris Dennison, directed by Todd Brian Backus

Derek travels through time to a future garden filled with singing, dancing, and sheep. A musical for all ages about trying to get home.

Classon vs. Klaxons @ 4:00pm
by David M. deLeon, directed by P. Tyler Britt

For too long, the robot overlords have ruled our city! Today, we fight for the garden. Everyone grab a watergun.

Park Slope: Warren St. Marks Community Garden, 619 Warren St.

An Apple Today @ 5:00pm
by Charly E. Simpson, directed by Megan Weaver

Jacqueline needs to talk to her sister, Clara.  As Jacqueline struggles to open up, the women happen upon a former classmate who evokes memories of playground crushes and cruelties. 

enter a garden @ 6:00pm
by Dominic Finocchiaro, directed by Lillian Meredith

Things grow in the garden. Leaves turn from green to red to brown and fall to the ground. Life happens.


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